Slamming the Courthouse Doors: Denial of Access to Justice and Remedy in America


a. About the ACLU
a. Failures of Indigent Defense Systems: Denial of Access to Justice Due to Inadequate Counsel
b. Denial of Habeas Review under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA)
c. Gaps in Legal Protection for Mentally Ill Defendants Charged with or Convicted of a Capital Crime
a. Denial of Access to Justice under the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA)
i. Physical Injury Requirement
ii. Exhaustion Requirement
iii. Application of the PLRA to Children
a. Government Invocation of the State Secrets Privilege as a Bar to Justice and Remedy for Torture Victims
a. Lack of Remedies for Female Domestic Violence Victims
b. Diplomatic Immunity for Abuse of Domestic Workers
a. Stipulated Removal and Denial of any Hearing before Deportation
b. Lack of Judicial Review for Diplomatic Assurances
c. Denial of the Right to a Fair Hearing for Mentally Ill Immigrants
a. Erosion of Rights and Remedies for Victims of Racial Discrimination Under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act
b. Barriers to Justice and Remedy for Victims of Racial Profiling
c. Denial of Undocumented Workers' Access to Effective Remedy for Employment Rights Violations

Take action now! Urge the president to issue an Executive Order on Human Rights mandating enhanced collaboration between federal, state, and local governments on implementation and enforcement of human rights obligations.

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