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The First Amendment Bars Officials From Targeting Nike Because They Don’t Like Colin Kaepernick

From Louisiana to Mississippi to Rhode Island, governments are trying to use the power of their offices to impose their views of Nike on others.

By Emerson Sykes
September 20, 2018

2 Native American Teens Were Reported to Police for Joining a Campus Tour. Now We’re Stepping In.

We’re demanding that Colorado State University change policing practices after the racial profiling of two young Native-American teenagers.

By Sarah Hinger
September 20, 2018

Trump Is Unshackling America's Drones Thanks to Obama's Weakness

Obama didn’t do enough to curtail America’s drones. Now expansion under Trump could have devastating consequences.

By Brett Max Kaufman
September 19, 2018

New Bill Would Ensure No Woman Is Forced to Give Birth in Chains

The practice of shackling pregnant women who are incarcerated is as shocking as it is widespread.

By Amy Fettig
September 19, 2018

I Came to the U.S. Fleeing Horrific Abuse in My Home Country. Jeff Sessions Wants to Send People Like Me Back.

People like me come from countries where the justice system does not protect women and girls. To deny us refuge says our lives mean nothing.

By Anonymous Survivor
September 19, 2018

In Guatemala, a Tireless Search for Parents Separated From Their Children

Working with the ACLU, human rights defenders look for missing parents in villages and remote regions of the country.

By Ashoka Mukpo
September 18, 2018

Some Schools Need a Lesson on Students’ Free Speech Rights

An alarming number of schools improperly discipline students for their speech — especially students of color.

By Vera Eidelman, Sarah Hinger
September 18, 2018

How Facebook Is Giving Sex Discrimination in Employment Ads a New Life

We’re taking on Facebook and 10 companies for using the social platform to direct job ads toward men, excluding others.

By Galen Sherwin
September 18, 2018

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