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Where Does #MeToo Start?

How sex stereotypes in schools perpetuate sexual harassment in the workplace and beyond.

By Galen Sherwin
February 16, 2018

Appeals Court Declares Third Muslim Ban Unconstitutional

Trump’s ban, says court, “strikes at the basic notion that the government may not act based on religious animosity.”

By Spencer Amdur
February 15, 2018

Take It From a Death Row Exoneree: The Dallas County DA Election Is a Big Deal

The most powerful elected official you've never heard of.

By Anthony Graves
February 15, 2018

We’re Challenging Ohio Lawmakers’ Thinly Veiled Attempt to Push Abortion Out of Reach

The Ohio law pretends to protect people with disabilities, but it’s really an attack on a woman’s reproductive rights.

By Freda Levenson
February 15, 2018

ICE Keeps Challenging Federal Courts’ Authority — And Losing.

In national assault on immigrants’ rights, ICE believes no population is off the table. U.S. law and courts say otherwise.

By Alexis Warren
February 14, 2018

A California City Fights Off ICE’s Digital Deportation Machine

ICE now has access to billions of location records, which it can use to go after immigrants. Alameda refuses to take part.

By Matt Cagle
February 13, 2018

I Sentenced a Teen to Die in Prison. I Regret It.

A retired judge sentenced a teenager to 241 years in prison. She now believes her sentence was unconstitutional.

By Evelyn Baker
February 13, 2018

Your Rights in the Border Zone

As Customs and Border Protection becomes increasingly aggressive, knowing your rights is crucial.

By Adriana Pinon
February 13, 2018

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