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If the Government Had Its Way, Everything Could be Wiretapped

In the battle over encryption, governments act like they have the right to learn everyone’s secrets because technology makes it possible.

By Jennifer Stisa Granick
February 19, 2019

There Is No ‘National Emergency’ at the Border, and Trump’s Declaration Is Illegal

President Donald Trump admits he’s making his move because he didn’t get his way with Congress, and in the process, he hurts American communities.

By Cecillia Wang
February 15, 2019

New Hampshire Is Trying to Stop College Students From Registering to Vote

Voting is my right. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to exercise it.

By Maggie Flaherty
February 14, 2019

Trump Administration Is Illegally Forcing Asylum Seekers Out of the United States

The administration is once again breaking the law in order to shut the door on immigrants.

By Michael Tan, Julie Veroff
February 14, 2019

Border Patrol Detained Me for Speaking Spanish in Montana. Then My Town Turned Against Me.

Customs and Border Protection violated our rights as U.S. citizens just for speaking Spanish in a grocery store.

By Ana Suda
February 14, 2019

U.S. Border Patrol Detained U.S. Citizens for Speaking Spanish in Montana

Illegal arrests and seizures reflect an out-of-control agency emboldened by Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.

By Cody Wofsy, Caitlin Borgmann
February 14, 2019

Betsy DeVos Is Pushing a Terrible Double Standard on College Campuses

The education secretary's proposed rules on treatment of sexual harassment and assault claims in school settings discriminate on the basis of sex.

By David Cole, Louise Melling
February 13, 2019

New Hampshire Law Illegally Targets Young Voters Ahead of 2020 Primary

The state wants students to face criminal penalties if they don’t pay to change their out-of-state licenses after voting.

By Julie Ebenstein
February 13, 2019

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