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The Trump Administration Continues the Racist and Disastrous War on Pot

The majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana. The Marijuana Justice Act will do just that.

By Jesselyn McCurdy
January 19, 2018

Trump’s Pick to Oversee Civil Rights in Schools Has a History of Attacking Civil Rights

Marcus is laissez-faire about enforcing laws to protect marginalized groups, but crusades against those who criticize Israel.

By Brian Hauss
January 19, 2018

NYPD Union’s Lawsuit Could Reverse-Engineer Body Cameras Into Surveillance Tools

The union wants to ensure the public can’t see an officer’s body cam footage without the officer’s consent.

By Michael Sisitzky
January 19, 2018

Congress Just Passed a Terrible Surveillance Law. Now What?

Both Democrats and Republicans deserve sharp criticism for continuing to allow the NSA to engage in mass, warrantless spying.

By Neema Singh Guliani
January 18, 2018

DHS' Threat to Prosecute Officials of Sanctuary Cities Is Unconstitutional

The Constitution guarantees that state and local governments can opt out of the federal deportation system.

By Cody Wofsy
January 17, 2018

The Trump Administration Abandons Its Obligations to Trans Students

The Education Department says that claims of discrimination against transgender students are now outside its jurisdiction.

By Ian Thompson
January 16, 2018

Members of Congress Just Voted to Give the Trump Administration Greater Spy Powers

The House passed a bill that would make the government's dangerous spying powers worse. It now goes to the Senate.

By Neema Singh Guliani, Elizabeth Beavers
January 11, 2018

A Fourth Young Immigrant Woman Is Being Blocked by the Trump Administration From Obtaining an Abortion

The ACLU filed papers on behalf of yet another girl 17-year-old whose right to an abortion is being flagrantly disregarded.

By Brigitte Amiri
January 11, 2018

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