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Michigan Is One Step Closer to Improving Its Archaic Voting System

A coalition, including the ACLU, is ready to put an amendment on the November ballot to reform the state's voting system.

By Todd Cook
July 12, 2018

Montana Joins the List of States that Have Rejected Anti-Trans Discrimination

An anti-trans campaign in Montana has failed to gain enough signatures to appear on the ballot this November.

By Liz Welch
July 5, 2018

In Oklahoma, A Bipartisan March Toward Criminal Justice Reform

Oklahoma has the top rate of incarceration in the country. Voters there are ready for a change.

By Nicole McAfee
June 28, 2018

Arizona Voters Deserve to Know Joe Arpaio’s True Record of Brutality and Abuse

Arpaio’s history of racial profiling, hostility towards immigrants, and extreme disregard for civil rights cannot be ignored.

By Brian Tashman
June 27, 2018

Maine Passes ‘People's Veto’ to Overturn Legislature and Preserve Popular New Voting System

With ranked-choice voting, election outcomes will better reflect the sentiments of voters.

By Bobby Hoffman
June 15, 2018

Progress Is Occurring on Prosecutorial Reform, Despite Tuesday’s Setbacks in California

The prosecutorial reform movement led to more contested district attorney races and a more educated public.

By Taylor Pendergrass
June 7, 2018

Congress Let an Important Disability Rights Program Expire — Now People Are Trapped In Institutions

Without the Money Follows the Person program, people with disabilities are deprived of their independence.

By Vania Leveille, Ari Ne’eman
February 2, 2018

Congress Is Pushing Vouchers in the Tax Bill. That Won't Help Students With Disabilities

By advancing vouchers through tax policy, Congress will hinder equal educational opportunity for students with disabilities.

By Mike Garvey
December 8, 2017

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