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Trump’s FCC Nukes Network Neutrality: What Happens Now?

If you like flying coach, you’ll love the FCC’s new internet.

By Jay Stanley
December 14, 2017

‘You’re Fucked’: The Acquittal of Officer Brailsford and the Crisis of Police Impunity

The execution of Daniel Shaver demonstrates the importance of police training.

By Jeffery Robinson
December 12, 2017

Hurricane Maria Exposed the U.S.’s Long Neglect of Puerto Rico

The head of the ACLU of Puerto Rico describes what life is like after the failed federal response to Hurricane Maria.

By Gabriela Meléndez Olivera
December 11, 2017

The Muslim Ban: What Just Happened?

Here’s what you need to know as the Muslim ban goes into effect.

By Amrit Cheng
December 6, 2017

The Trump Administration Just Admitted a Secretly Detained American Has Asked for a Lawyer – But It Won’t Give Him One

The government is resisting ACLU efforts to make contact with the man so he can challenge his detention.

By Josh Bell
December 1, 2017

Trump’s New Cybersecurity Rules Are Better Than Obama’s

The government released an updated process on disclosing software vulnerabilities. Its efficacy remains to be seen.

By Jennifer Stisa Granick
November 27, 2017

The House Tells Sessions’ Justice Department It Will Not Stand for Civil Asset Forfeiture

In a bipartisan vote, the House voted to rein in Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ resurrection of abusive forfeiture rules.

By Kanya Bennett
September 13, 2017

We Must Remove Shrines to White Supremacy From Public Property

Shrines to white supremacy and racial violence denigrate my existence and that of millions of North Carolinians.

By Karen Anderson
August 17, 2017

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