Cam and Mitch can get hitched. Let's celebrate.

A Modern Wedding

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As Cam from Modern Family might say, "Ding dong, Prop 8 is dead." That means same-sex couples are now free to marry in California. And DOMA is dead too, which means those marriages and those of tens of thousands of others will now be recognized by the federal government.

And wouldn't getting married in front of 13 million TV viewers be a great way to celebrate?

That positive example in front of millions of Americans could help break down barriers to marriage in other states, where the fight for the freedom to marry is now turning.

So let's give the show's producers a bit of encouragement. After you watch this fun, short video, share it with everyone you know, so it goes BIG online!

(And if you haven't already show the producers how much you want to see this happen by RSVPing to the wedding at

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