Can you S.P.O.T. a terrorist?

Can you S.P.O.T. a terrorist?

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As part of the TSA's SPOT program, thousands of “behavior detection” officers scrutinize the behavior of travelers in airport screening areas in an attempt to identify anyone who may pose a security risk. If they identify someone exhibiting a "cluster" of behaviors from a list of over 90 expressions that the TSA associates with stress, fear, or deception, they refer that person for secondary inspection or questioning.

The SPOT program is based on junk science. It invites racial profiling. It's never led to the identification of a terrorist, and it's cost the government $1 billion since 2007. The Government Accountability Office recommended that Congress curtail funding for the program.​

The ACLU and the NYCLU filed a lawsuit demanding documents relating to the program.

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