Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is Out For Freedom

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is Out For Freedom

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson, star of ABC's Modern Family and his husband Justin Mikita, discuss growing up, coming out and coming together.  Jesse, an ACLU Celebrity Ambassador for the Freedom to Marry and Justin are "Out for Freedom!" As vocal supporters of the importance of the freedom to marry, this candid conversation about their own relationship and their advocacy efforts to spread the freedom to marry in Jesse's home state of New Mexico and beyond, highlights a national movement for equality for all loving, committed couples.

Out for Freedom is the ACLU's nationwide campaign to bring the freedom to marry to the entire country.  Since dismantling the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the ACLU remains committed to spreading the freedom to marry -- state-by-state -- through the legislatures, the courts and at the ballot box. Currently 17 states plus DC allow same-sex couples to marry and we are well on our way to 20+ states by the time the issue comes back to the Supreme Court.

Together we can transform our country's landscape until the freedom to marry is in every state. Join us to come out for freedom!

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