Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression

Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression

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To all politicians who've ever tried to block access to voting:

What the hell is the matter with you people?! You need to get your head on straight.

The cornerstone of this great country is the right to vote – and you should be fighting to make sure that every citizen who can vote, does! But instead you're creating obstacles for voters? Well, that makes a lot of sense, doesn't it… F*** that!

People marched and fought and died for the right to vote. And you want to legislate away that sacrifice? Not on my watch!

Your power comes from our votes – it's time you started fighting voter discrimination instead of passing laws that disenfranchise more and more people in this country.

We won't let you keep getting away with it. So get off your a**es and do the right thing!


Lewis Black and... you?

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The rules of voting are still in flux in many states, so to make sure you know your rights when you vote, go to https://www.aclu.org/letmevote.

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