Stand With Bayli As She Stands Up To Bullies

Watch a 14-year-old's powerful response to homophobic bullying at her school

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“Lots of my friends have been bullied at Carver. It had gotten really out of hand, and so we have been trying to do something about it.”

Bayli Silberstein, an 8th grade student in Florida, has been trying for a year to create a Gay-Straight Alliance, a student-led club to combat the name-calling and bullying she and her friends face at school. But in an underhanded attempt to stop Bayli from forming the Gay-Straight Alliance, the school board is considering banning ALL extracurricular clubs. This is a drastic move to squash any conversation about the discrimination happening at Carver Middle School.

The school board will be discussing the proposal on February 18, so we've got to act now to mobilize a public response. Join us in calling on the Lake County School Board to stop the assault on students' freedom of expression.

UPDATE: Over 24,000 people have signed the petition. Bayli will be delivering the petitions at the meeting on Monday - add your name to be counted.

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