Yes, You Can: Create An America We Can Believe In

Yes You Can: Create An America We Can Believe In


President Obama, congratulations on four more years. You accomplished a lot in your first term, but far more remains to be done. Now is the time for you to boldly step forward and lead America into an era that expands freedom. Now is the time for you to meet unmet promises. Now is the time for the America we can believe in.

Close Guantanamo Prison.
Guantanamo represents one of the greatest stains on American civil liberties in our history. It is long past time this shameful episode was brought to a close and for you to keep the first promise you made as president.

We urge you to veto any legislation that restricts the transfer overseas of detainees or their prosecution in federal criminal court.

Stand Up for A Woman’s Right to Have an Abortion.
The right to decide whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term is essential to women’s equality, autonomy, and dignity. Mr. President, it is time to stand up against attacks on abortion rights. Abortion coverage should be available in all federal health insurance programs.

Rescind Anti-Immigrant Federal Policies and Programs.
America is a nation of immigrants, and yet your Department of Homeland Security has deported record numbers of immigrants. Just as disturbing, DHS has enacted programs that encourage local law enforcement to engage in racial profiling and in the mass arrest and detention of immigrants. Mr. President, you must end these abusive and discriminatory policies.