Purposes for Web Data Collection

Protection against fraud
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We have cookies and similar technologies set up to protect us from fraudulent actors making payments through our Sites.

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Communications and marketing
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We are constantly learning which platforms are the best platforms to make sure our message reaches people interested in our issues. In order to do that, we may use cookies to collect information about who referred our visitors to our Sites.

Website performance
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Website performance cookies and similar technologies allow us to make our Sites easier and more pleasant to use. For example, they may enable us to:

  • Determine how often and where you see our promotions.
  • Save you time when filling out a form by populating it with information you provided in previous visits.
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If you are visiting our Sites as a registered user — for example, when you create an account with the ACLU Store— we may use cookies and similar technologies to allow our Sites to recognize that you are logged in or recognize your chosen preferences via unique tokens.

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We may use analytics tools that place cookies and similar technologies in order to give us a better understanding of how people engage with our Sites. That in turn allows us to gauge the current performance of website features, and to develop better content. Analytics cookies and similar technologies can provide us with information such as:

  • How many individual visitors we have
  • How many visitors are new or returning
  • How often visitors come to the website
  • What content they’ve visited
  • How visitors interact with particular pages or content

How to Disable Cookies

To provide you with maximum choice in deciding what data is collected about you, we have designed our website to work without cookies. If you would like to reduce the web data collected about you while browsing the Internet, please see the below instructions for blocking and purging cookies. Please note disabling cookies on your browser may impact the operability of other sites you visit and disabling cookies will not disable other web data collection technologies, which the ACLU uses on our Sites to support our operations and the security of our Sites.

How to disable cookies in: