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A photo of Kristy and Dana Dumont

Kristy and Dana Dumont


Kristy and Dana Dumont were together 11 years and married since 2011 when they decided to start a family and provide a home to a child in Michigan’s foster care system. As a State employee, Dana had received emails from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) regarding children in foster care in need of adoptive families and they decided they wanted to provide a loving family for a child in need adoptive.

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They did their homework and chose a home near Lansing in an excellent school district.

But when Kristy and Dana went to state-contracted child placement agencies in their county, they were turned away by two agencies because they are a same-sex couple. Children are missing out on the chance to be placed in this loving family simply because of these agencies’ religious objections to same-sex couples.

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