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Federal Prison Illegally Bans Christian Head Scarves for Visitors Like Me

Yes, some Christian women cover their heads for religious reasons. No, you can’t discriminate against them for it.

By Audra Ragland
November 17, 2017

North Carolina Is Trying to Destroy the State’s Only Farmworkers Union. We’re Suing.

North Carolina passed a law making it all but impossible for the state’s only farmworkers union to operate effectively.

By Brian Hauss
November 15, 2017

An Arkansas Town Agrees to Criminal Justice Reform to Ensure That the Poor Are Not Jailed

The city of Sherwood agrees to stop jailing people for debts they are too poor to pay.

By Rita Sklar
November 14, 2017

At Guantánamo, a Death Penalty Case Without a Death Penalty Lawyer

The broken military commissions have devolved, with new and unprecedented attacks on defense counsel.

By Cassandra Stubbs
November 14, 2017

European Court Ruling Could Recognize Mass Surveillance Violates Human Rights

Last week, we argued against the U.K.’s dragnet spying practices before the top European human rights court.

By Ailidh Callander, Scarlet Kim
November 14, 2017

Our Fight to Defeat the Transgender Military Ban Enters a New Phase

The stakes could not be higher.

By Chase Strangio
November 9, 2017

President Trump’s Likely Pick for Global Women’s Issues Ambassador Has an Anti-Women, Anti-LGBT Background

Penny Nance has quite the record when it comes to attacking civil rights.

By Brian Tashman, Gabriela Meléndez Olivera
November 7, 2017

Forced Labor, Rotten Chicken, and the Occasional AA Meeting

Participants in a court-mandated rehab program were promised addiction treatment but received none. We’re suing.

By Brady Henderson
November 2, 2017

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