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In First of Many, ACLU FOIA Request Seeks Information About the New President’s Conflicts of Interests

The Trump transition has exposed potential conflicts of interest that could already be violating the Constitution.

By Brett Max Kaufman
January 19, 2017

Instead of Certain Death, Chelsea Manning Now Has a Chance at Life

Chelsea Manning will now have the ability to live her life as the person she was born to be.

By Chase Strangio
January 18, 2017

The Federal Trademark Office Won’t Protect Our Band’s Name, The Slants, Because It Says the Name Is Racist. We’re All Asian-American, By the Way.

In the name of protecting us against racism, the Patent and Trademark Office denied us our rights based on race.

By Simon Tam
January 18, 2017

President Obama's Commutation of Chelsea Manning's Sentence Most Likely Saved Her Life

With the commutation of the whistleblower's sentence, President Obama shows that he understands the meaning of clemency.

By James Esseks
January 17, 2017

We’re Suing to Keep Kentucky Politicians Out of the Exam Room

It's two weeks into 2017 and state legislatures are already making abortion harder and telling women it's for their own good.

By Andrew Beck
January 12, 2017

Does Dr. Ben Carson Believe in Housing and Urban Development’s Fair Housing Mission?

Senators have a duty to determine whether Ben Carson believes in the mission of the department he was nominated to lead.

By Jennifer Bellamy, Katie Egan
January 11, 2017

Why President Obama Should Commute Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

Chelsea Manning has suffered long enough. It’s time for President Obama to do the right thing and send her home.

By Chase Strangio
January 11, 2017

James Burns Chose to Go Back Into Solitary Confinement for 30 Days, and He Livestreamed His Experience to Show the World Its Cruelty

James Burns suffered through solitary confinement as a young man. He went back between the walls to push for its abolition.

By Amy Fettig
January 10, 2017

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