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‘Back Up, Motherfuckers,’ A Cop Yells at Kids With His Gun Drawn

The video of a Texas police officer drawing his gun on kids is a perfect example of why police need de-escalation training.

By Kali Cohn
July 12, 2018

Nevada Plans to Execute Prisoner Using a Risky and Experimental Drug Cocktail

The state will use a controversial execution drug known to have played a part in numerous botched executions.

By Amy Rose
July 11, 2018

Judge Blocks Blanket Detention of Asylum Seekers

The arbitrary imprisonment of asylum seekers is just one part of Trump’s plan to deter people from seeking refuge in the U.S.

By Stephen Kang
July 5, 2018

DeVos Doesn’t Believe that Promoting Racial Diversity in Schools Is a Worthwhile Cause

The Trump Administration is revoking Obama-era guidance focused on ending racial isolation and disparities in schools.

By Dennis Parker
July 3, 2018

Judge Rejects CIA’s Absurd Secrecy Claim on Botched Yemen Raid

The CIA director was at a dinner where the raid was approved, but the agency won’t say if it has records about the operation.

By Anna Diakun
June 29, 2018

In Brownsville, Converting Pain and Anger Into Action

More than 1,000 people march in Brownsville to protest the Trump administration's brutal border policies.

By Ashoka Mukpo
June 28, 2018

The Supreme Court Ignores the Reality of President Trump’s Discriminatory Muslim Ban

The 5-4 decision today was devastating, but the fight against the Muslim ban will continue beyond the courts.

By Cody Wofsy
June 26, 2018

ACLU to Court: Order the Government to Reunite the Families

Trump's executive order has a glaring loophole which will allow separations to continue.

By Amrit Cheng
June 25, 2018

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