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Freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom to discriminate

Discrimination Under the Guise of ‘Religious Freedom’ Is Still Discrimination, President Trump

President Trump’s anti-LGBT agenda is still taking shape, and we’re staying vigilant.

By Ian Thompson
January 31, 2017

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Nominee for Attorney General, Stands by His Support for Sweeping Anti-LGBT Bill

Sen. Sessions can try to mask the true intent of the First Amendment Defense Act, but it's tax payer-funded discrimination.

By Ian Thompson
January 24, 2017

Why President Obama Should Commute Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

Chelsea Manning has suffered long enough. It’s time for President Obama to do the right thing and send her home.

By Chase Strangio
January 11, 2017

Legislatures Gear Up to Target Transgender People. We Gear Up to Fight Back.

The humanity of trans people will once again be under attack in state legislatures across America.

By Chase Strangio
January 4, 2017

North Carolina May Have Stuck With Discrimination, But Make No Mistake: Hate Doesn’t Sell.

Other states should heed the lessons of North Carolina's self-destructive experiment with state-sanctioned discrimination.

By James Esseks
December 22, 2016

Gavin Grimm Is Heading to the Supreme Court

Gavin’s case, and the so-called restroom debates more broadly, are about much more than just restrooms.

By James Esseks
October 28, 2016

The Defense Bill’s Anti-LGBT Poison Pill

One of the most significant threats to the LGBT community, women, and religious liberty, we have seen in Congress in years.

By Ian Thompson
October 18, 2016

New Anti-Trans Attacks Are Yet Another Reason We Must Reform RFRA

The last few weeks have once again demonstrated the need for Congress to pass the Do No Harm Act.

By Ian S. Thompson
September 2, 2016

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