Out for Freedom

Freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom to discriminate

Think Religiously Motivated Discrimination Can’t Affect You? Guess Again.

No one should be fired from their job simply because they are transgender.

By James Esseks
October 4, 2017

The Masterpiece Cakeshop Supreme Court Case Is One Piece of a Much Larger Attack on LGBTQ Lives

It’s not about the cake. And it’s not about artistic expression. It’s about survival.

By Chase Strangio
September 22, 2017

Time Marches Forward and So Do We

Watch a short history of trans discrimination, resistance, and survival, and join the fight.

By Chase Strangio
August 11, 2017

Donald Trump Attacks Transgender People to Help Build Border Wall

In a nakedly political move, Trump endangers transgender soldiers to pay for wall with Mexico.

By Faiz Shakir
July 28, 2017

Jeff Sessions Thinks It Should Be Legal to Fire You for Being LGBT

If you thought Attorney General Sessions couldn’t be anymore anti-LGBT, last night he doubled down.

By Ian Thompson
July 27, 2017

With Three Tweets President Trump Cruelly Threatens Trans Service Members With Rank Discrimination

Contrary to Trump’s assertions, the military has said that transgender troops promote readiness at no cost or disruption.

By Chase Strangio
July 26, 2017

Lawmakers in Texas Are Returning to the Capitol for More Anti-Trans Discrimination

The lives of transgender people are at stake as Texas convenes their special legislative session.

By Chase Strangio
July 18, 2017

Congress Should Reject This Unconstitutional Amendment Denying Care to Transgender Service Members and Their Families

Our troops deserve support not discrimination from members of Congress.

By Brian Tashman
July 13, 2017

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