People Power

Grassroots action in defense of civil liberties

Corrections Officer Who Struck Rhode Island Protesters with Pickup Truck Resigns

Activists say the private prison where the officer worked should be closed and immigrants detained there released.

By Ashoka Mukpo
August 16, 2019

On National Security, Kavanaugh Has a History of Extreme Deference to the President

Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court has a record of extreme deference to the executive on national security cases, including unlawful detention.

By Hina Shamsi
August 29, 2018

Michigan Reforms Its Archaic Voting System

A coalition, including the ACLU, helps to reform the state's voting system to make it easier to vote for all the state's citizens.

By Todd Cook
July 12, 2018

How the ACLU Plans to Engage in the 2018 Midterm Elections

The ACLU's electoral work will be driven by its enduring commitment to civil rights and civil liberties issues.

By Faiz Shakir
January 11, 2018

Get Involved With the Fight to Restore America’s Voting Rights

The four most common barriers to voting and how to tear them down.

By Brian Tashman
September 29, 2017

People Power Is Taking the Voting Rights Fight to Kris Kobach

The ACLU's 50-state voting rights campaign will start in Kansas, where Kobach's voter suppression efforts have created chaos.

By Brian Tashman
September 25, 2017

People Power Launches 50-State Voting Rights Campaign to Reenergize Our Democracy

Freedom Cities victories show how citizens can come together and bring change to their communities.

By Brian Tashman
September 22, 2017

How People Power Activists Are Driving Change

In its four short months of existence, People Power has had success after success nationwide.

By Faiz Shakir, Ronald Newman
July 19, 2017

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