Don't Fall For Trump's Alternative Math: Medicaid Cuts Are Real (And Devastating)

President Trump is taking every opportunity to fool Americans about what the health care repeal bills would do. On Wednesday, he tweeted that Medicaid spending "actually goes up" under the Senate bill. On Sunday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway flatly denied that the repeal bill cuts Medicaid. Both claims are undeniably misleading. The Senate’s the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) would not just cut Medicaid by 35 percent over the next 20 years, it would end Medicaid as we know it.

It would do this by capping the amount of money the federal government contributes to the states to cover Medicaid, ending the government’s longstanding open-ended commitment to provide funding for enrollees. There are 70 million people currently enrolled in Medicaid, a program that advances the equal opportunity and personal liberty of people nationwide. A majority of those people are women, and many are people with disabilities who rely on the program to live independently.

According to the Washington Post, “14.4 million fewer people [would be] enrolled in Medicaid by 2026” if Trump is able to phase out the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion and impose caps.

In Texas, children with disabilities are already experiencing the brunt of Medicaid cuts. When state lawmakers decided to sharply curtail Medicaid spending, many children were left without access to critical services. After “the state implemented $350 million in Medicaid cuts to speech, occupational and physical therapy,” the Associated Press reported, some clinics working with children with special needs had to shut their doors. Similarly devastating effects of Medicaid cuts could soon be felt nationwide.

As the ACLU’s Vania Leveille and Susan Mizner have noted:

Medicaid is the primary source of funding for the services that allow people with disabilities to live in their own homes and make their own choices about daily life, instead of being warehoused in institutions. Medicaid allows people who would otherwise languish in nursing homes and psychiatric hospitals to move to a community where they can work, play, and live, integrated with the rest of the society.

One study recently found that people with disabilities who live states that expanded Medicaid “are more likely to be employed than are those living in nonexpansion states.”

Medicaid cuts would also disproportionately affect women, preventing many from accessing maternity care and family planning services. Medicaid covers 75 percent of all publicly funded family planning services and nearly half of all births in this country. It serves approximately one in five women of reproductive age. Combined with the Senate bill’s provision to block use of Medicaid at Planned Parenthood, women who rely on Medicaid would be left with few options for care.

During the campaign, Trump repeatedly promised not to cut Medicaid. But his former economic adviser Stephen Moore gave away the president's intentions when he told CNN in May that enacting severe Medicaid caps was "central to our plan all along."

Unless we act now to save the program, the most vulnerable among us will be left to struggle even more.

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Interesting article! Thank you for sharing them! I hope you will continue to have similar posts to share with everyone!


Cut it to the bone! Make states be responsible for their own people! "National Healthcare" is not an option for the US. We are a corporation centered society and will be for years. We are at our most efficient when we are free.

Healthy weight people in Colorado shouldn't have to pay for the healthcare of fat assed adult diabetics in Mississippi. Fat southern states need to enact laws that promote the health of their people. Not enact laws that support cocoa cola, Kentucky fried chicken and McDonald's.


Your comment's moral vacuity is surpassed only by its stunning ignorance.


I don't think being obese should be illegal, but it should not come with free healthcare when it causes health issues. If there is to be a "free" healthcare system then there should also be a fitness test. A very liberal test that proves even though your chubby you can still walk jog a few feet. Hell Im fat but I don't sponge off another person to take care of me. So what do you do with the clinically obese? You hold a hearing with medical doctors and judges then put them on a probation like structure. The state should pay for a weight loss regime as long as the person is sticking to it. There should be Obese montitors with the powers of a probation officer to monitor those obese put on the program.

Your other choice is no free care at all until emergency life care is needed (pretty much death, like now).


Type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with body fat and is an auto-immune disease. It requires expensive daily medication, blood sugar testing supplies, well-being check-ups and many other things you obviously know nothing of. I've lived with it for 40 years and only because of Medicaid am I able to afford to get all these things. Using your logic, overweight people in Mississippi shouldn't have to pay for people in Colorado of lesser weight with cancer.
Being a citizen in a patriotic society means we are all one, no matter the state we live in. We are at our most efficient when we work together as one. Fat shaming is not the answer. Education of all people (diabetics and weight challenged included) is a necessary thing. You should look into it. There are plenty of corporate centered societies/nations that exist perfectly well on a national health care system.
Besides, Big Pharma and Big Food like us all fat, addicted to sugar and salt and unhealthy so that they can capitalize on meds. Think about why fifty percent of commercials on television are for extremely expensive medication and you'll begin to see how corporate America has taken over. Single payer is the only way to get out from under the control of BP and insurance companies and that will probably never happen because guess who lines the pockets of Washington leaders. Citizens United has been a huge downfall for those of us that live in the 99% world but nobody talks about that because, again, the lobbyists fill pockets of those that should be working for we the people.

Fatty fatty boo...

Hell yeah fat shaming is the answer. We did it with the drunks in the 20s, the smokers in the 90s and about to do it to the opioid and coke based pill addicts of now. We shamed them all into more healthy behavior.

So yes! Shame the obese that are fat by choices. Bonafide medical issues are exceptions of course. So yeah, you do have the right to say I'm obese because of a nature inflicted medical condition. However, the sad scientific truth is that 90% plus of moderately fat to obese humans are that way by choice. Choice of what is put into their mouth and how much they move!

The drug companies want you to believe that you have no choice but to be fat. The you need more medical attention and more drugs that way. Problem is if you can't afford to be fat, you drain resources off healthy society! Wake up people and start getting fit.

Eaters Anonymous

The United States produces more vegetables and almost the mist fruit of any nation per capita. We also throw away the most. We consume almost 40% of the worlds daily calories, though we make up a much smaller percent of population.

Our healthcare "problem" is a joke! Lose weight and eat a salad fatties! Oh yeah and stop popping pills, drinking, and smoking! Idiots.

Dianne Hubbard

It must be wonderful to be so perfect. Hope you're saving money for that quadruple bypass.


are you afraid to post your email address ?


You from Colorado should be ashamed. You are so wrong about your judgement of people that receive help. You are what is wrong with America!


Stay Informed