Despite Trump’s Order, for Many Families the Nightmare Is Just Beginning

When President Trump signed his executive order on family separation on Wednesday, he proclaimed, “We are keeping families together and this will solve that problem.” But while the order may stop the prolonged, forcible separation of children from their families going forward, it by no means solves the problem.

More than 2,300 children have been taken away from their parents and sent to shelters, facilities and foster families all across the country, with seemingly no clear tracking mechanism. The executive order does not say anything about the plan to reunite these families, and the administration confirmed that it will not be making any special efforts to do so. We will be monitoring the administration’s actions to see if family separations really stop. 

Some of the parents of these children have already been deported. Some of these children are too young to talk, and may not even know what countries they are from or what their parents’ names are. Most don’t speak English and some don’t speak any languages that are widely used in this country.

The trauma that has been inflicted on these families is irreparable, and it is going to be a logistical nightmare to undo it. And the saddest part is that it didn’t need to happen.

Trump's Family Separation Crisis: How to Help

This was a crisis the Trump administration chose to create, and it was supported by many of his political allies as a means of pushing through his cruel, anti-immigrant agenda.

Wednesday’s executive order, while purporting to stop future family separation, calls for families to be detained together, which was this administration’s goal from the get-go. The Trump administration would have liked to simply detain everyone who crosses the border, children or otherwise, but was unable to because the United States has protections in place that prevent the prolonged detention of children.

In April, when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced his “zero tolerance policy,” calling for every adult who crosses the border anywhere other than a port of entry to be prosecuted, the administration said it was forced to separate children from their families.

As the crisis mounted, President Trump falsely blamed the Democrats for creating it, and falsely claimed he had no choice but to separate families.

Fact-Checking Family Separation

Only after our lawsuit — and when more than 2,300 children, many of them infants and toddlers, were torn from their parents, prompting an explosion of national outrage that included grassroots mobilizations, every living first lady, airlines, corporate CEOs, the pope, evangelicals, the bishops, every major medical group and children’s group in the country — did the president back down and issue an executive order calling a halt to the practice.

But with it, he paved the way to begin a massive internment of families who come to the United States seeking asylum. There are numerous pieces of legislation on immigration moving in Congress that would remove protections for children in detention. We plan to fight them every step of the way. If the president thinks placing families in jail indefinitely is what people have been asking for, he is grossly mistaken.

Call Your Representative: Stop Speaker Ryan's Anti-immigrant Bill

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Dr. Timothy Leary

Immigration to America has always been a hotly contested political issue since 1492.

As an example, in 1675 King Phillip of the Wampanoag Tribe in Massachusetts opposed anymore immigration to New England. He issued his historical Letter of Four Complaints to the colonists. In it he outlined the negative effects that the immigrants had upon the existing native population. First: death and disfigurement by small pox and other diseases; Second: tribe wide alcoholism; Third: natives settling disputes by firearms rather than by the council of sachems; Fourth: the inflation of the local currency by the prevalence of counterfeit wampum.

This is what started King Phillps War in which he was killed and the Wampanoag Tribe decimated by Pilgrim led genocide.

Is this the fate that today's Americans face ?


No. Next question.


Good one!


Conservatives have been complaining on this topic, that they have to obey the law . . . and that's why their hands were tied on the immigration policy change. But at the same time, Conservatives have been chipping away at the Healthcare laws, and their fingers are in every possible subverting the law, even with budget legislation. Whether this is just ironic, or diabolical, it still shows Conservatives are fine with not following the laws on the books. I see it more as a money grab, since these new American internment camps for undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers are now housed at government expense. Conservatives love mammon to increase their assets.


Is there a way to pressure the administration to come up with a plan and execute it for getting the children back to their families ?

Dr. Timothy Leary

I don't think that executing the families is a good idea.


Only if it can be done without releasing them into the interior so they can get de facto amnesty by dissappearing.


Where are the immigration lawyers who charge us $250 an hour or more for a case? They could now apply for U Visa for all these families and kids!! A Class lawsuit for U Visa! Isn't that possible?


The United States of America was made of immigrants. To prosecute immigrants fleeing violence, and tyranny is so Anti-American. We can not permit the use of nouns like "infested" with them, They are really "bad hombres". There are a dozen other slurs used when referring to southern immigrants illegal or not. We don't say "Nigger" anymore, unless your a clan member or a wannabe member or just plain stupid.
We can't take babies to New York, Michigan and other far away states without the express permission of a parent and an guardian adlitem. It resembles Kidnapping across state lines. Further to pump children with psychotropics without their parents expressive consent is a practice just like Nazi - Dr. Mengela. We cant leave babies in cribs to cry all day without human touch - they go brain dead. All appear criminal to me a basic h igh school grad of many years ago. We must speak out about these practices under Trump administration. They are Anti-human. They seem to be perpetrated on brown or olive skin humans from across the globe


We forcibly evicted the last group of foreigners who tried to force their will on us and colonize us. We should do the same with any group who forces themselves on us and tries to take political control.


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