Are States Coordinating With the Trump Administration to Take Down DACA? We Aim to Find Out.

The ACLU filed public records requests today in 10 states that have launched a legal attack on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The requests seek to uncover any coordination by state officials and members of the Trump administration to take down the DACA program.

We’ve filed these requests because the Trump administration continues to speak out of both sides of its mouth on DACA, leaving the future of the program in doubt. President Trump has described Dreamers as “absolutely incredible kids” who have “worked here” and “gone to school here,” assuring them that they “should rest easy” about being allowed to stay in the country. At the same time, other administration officials have long opposed DACA — including Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

This matters now because DACA is under attack. In late June, 10 states — led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton — wrote Sessions demanding that the Trump administration agree to end the program. If the administration refuses to fall in line by September 5, the states will seek to amend a lawsuit pending in the federal district court in Brownsville, Texas, to stop the program.

The states attacking DACA appear to have allies in the Trump administration. Responding to the states’ June letter, Sessions remarked: “I like [that] states and localities are holding the federal government to account and expecting us to do our responsibility to the state and locals, and that’s to enforce the law.” These statements raise serious questions regarding the Trump administration’s commitment to defending DACA as well as questions about possible communications between the states and members of the administration.

The DACA program is a critical lifeline for nearly 800,000 young immigrants, or “Dreamers,” who came to this country as children and know the United States as their only home. DACA allows them to live and work in the country on a renewable, two-year basis. Since its creation five years ago, DACA has enabled hundreds of thousands of young men and women to attend school, support their families, buy homes, begin careers, contribute to their communities, and pursue their dreams.

Ending DACA would be devastating to hundreds of thousands of talented young people like Jessica Colotl. Jessica has lived in Georgia since she was a child, graduated high school and college with honors, and went on to become a paralegal at a prominent immigration law firm. Jessica dreams of going to law school to become an immigration lawyer and give back to the community. But without DACA, Jessica won’t be able to pursue her dreams.

Ending DACA would also hurt the country as a whole. The Center for American Progress estimates that ending DACA would result in a loss of $460.3 billion from the gross domestic product over the next decade and remove an estimated 685,000 workers from the nation’s economy. The CATO Institute’s estimates are more conservative but still grim: The cost of immediately deporting approximately 750,000 DACA recipients would be over $60 billion, along with a $280 billion reduction in economic growth over the next decade.

It is no surprise then that, even in this hyper-partisan moment, Americans across the political spectrum overwhelmingly support DACA. Nearly 78 percent of voters believe that the Dreamers should be allowed to stay in the country, including 73 percent of voters who supported Trump in the November election.

And to be clear, the U.S. government has repeatedly — and successfully — defended DACA against legal challenges. Indeed, every legal challenge to the DACA program has failed. As the U.S. has argued, DACA is a lawful exercise of the enforcement discretion that Congress delegated to the executive branch in the Immigration and Nationality Act, which charges the executive with “the administration and enforcement” of the country’s immigration laws.

Establishing national immigration enforcement policies and priorities like DACA is central to implementing — rather than violating — the executive’s constitutional obligation to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” Any refusal by the Sessions Justice Department to defend the DACA program would require a complete reversal of the U.S.’s own consistent legal positions.

Five years ago, the federal government made a deal with immigrant youth: As long as you pass a criminal background check and meet other conditions, you get permission to live, study, and work here for renewable two-year periods. Hundreds of thousands of young people came out of the shadows to accept the government’s offer in good faith and made plans for the future. The Trump administration should honor the deal and defend the DACA program from attack.

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Lol@artivle with the words 'honour' and 'trump'

Dave N


The guy with th...

It is so funny.. no it is histerical that "some" people hopefully not the majority come to blame immigrants for the situation of the country.. when an immigrant comes here and has no legal documents.. NUMBER ONE cannot apply for unemployment benefits.. NUMBER TWO cannot retire on social security benefits.. NUMBER THREE cannot apply for benefits to cover medical cost if they get sick.. SO THEY HAVE to work and work and work to cover what others sometimes can get a helping hand on.. so when someone says ohh it is costing us so much and we are paying fortunes to support these people IS BULL CRAP please don't let a politician that has his own agenda play with your mind... IT SHOULD BE VERY EASY. You come here to make a better life you work hard and don't expect nor need any handouts.. good you could stay and be given the chance to live like a decent human being and not be looked down or persecuted for the color of your skin (hence the nickname) OR you came here you committed crimes, you don't have a job, you are a parasite then you go away end of discussion. REALLY SIMPLE. The United States has benefited from immigrants for the las 250 years and has managed to remain a good strong nation.. WHY... I don't know maybe because immigrants start businesses and also employ other people, maybe because they are very good at science and can create marvelous things that later we ALL can enjoy and take advantage of or maybe they are great in the arts or sports etc etc I'm sure you get the idea.

Dave N

Our schools, hospitals, and prisons are overrun with illegals. Americans are sick of paying for this and are screaming no mas!



Decent Human Being

Hospitals are not overrun by "illegals" as you call these fellow human beings. These people don't have nor do they qualify for Medical Insurance, much less financial assistance to pay medical bills. Prisons are actually overrun by citizen minorities born in the US solely for the purpose of financial gain by corporations. Americans are not actually paying for anything other the ignorant useless wall Trump will build using tax-payer money. Most people who come here and stay "illegally" as you say, come on a plane and over-stay their Visa. There's a difference between reading one book and reading many books; is called education and being a decent human being. Don't demean others for having being born in a country of violence, poorness, and all they're trying to do is better their quality of life by simply working and contributing to a country they love. And, most certainly don't think of yourself higher than others in the world simply for having the "privilege" of being born in a stable situation. Anyone would better their life if they had the choice to do so...


So you're ready to blame children for their parents choices. Make them go to a country...ok Mexico because that's the crux of it you hate anyone that is brown and want to demonize them. Disgusting.


no i have proof thats not even true mostly prisons have more whites than any other race. people seriously need to read more nowadays. students cannot be approved for daca if they ever went to jail anyways i bet you didnt know that. maybe these people you call illegals would not be illegal if the government didnt decline most visas from 3rd World countries. my friend si from el salvador hes not a gang member but he had a gun put up to his head when he was 5. if you dont have mercy on others i dont think jesus would even have. thats sarcasm by the way.


aclu accepts bribes trump must shut them down its run with illegal drug sale money through human trafficking and cartels noone said this part
but gary webb talked about it in the80s in his research til he was fired by sj mercury due to illegals over populating here having kids here on our tax system welfare heroin/meth is highest now more than in the 80s in nyc bc now its all over the nation and pot has become legal and less thought of as drugs when it should bc of the thc that kills brain cells
rape is up 1 in 4 of all colleges and higher education that is called a rape culture crisis as ann coulter called it being fact due to a flood of illegals
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Decent Human Being

WOW! To the individual who posted the last comment...You may need professional help sir. How do people such as yourself do not realize the magnitude of your hateful words??! You speak about "illegals" committing all these rapes; do you even educate yourself? Read? Or do you only sit in front of the FOX News Channel and listen to everything ignorant out there instead of educating your mind??! Most of these rape culture that you speak of, comes from white males in college. And what happens to them?? NOTHING! They are set free simply because of their color of skin and privilege life. Most racist and hateful white people even when the truth slaps them in the face, they will disregard any facts in order to continue their ignorant rants. Be humble, be kind, be respectful, but most of compassionate! Just because you were born in a different situation and country, does not give you the right to decide how others try to better their lives. It's all about reversing your perspective. You can spill all the hateful words you want behind a screen, but at the end of the day; that's all they are, hateful words with no substance to the matter.


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