Don’t Be Fooled by North Carolina, There Is No Repeal of The Anti-Trans HB2, Only More Discrimination.

What do they say about déjà vu all over again?

That is what seems to be happening in North Carolina where lawmakers are again rushing through a poorly thought-out, dangerous backroom deal under the guise of removing their hideous anti-LGBTQ law, HB2. But behind closed doors, in the middle of the night, all we are left with is a claimed “compromise” to repeal HB2 that just further entrenches discrimination against LGBTQ North Carolinians.

Fight for trans youth

You may remember North Carolina’s infamous House Bill 2 (HB2), the bill that has cost the state over $3.75 billion dollars, cost its former Gov. Pat McCrory his election, and cost thousands of LGBTQ North Carolinians their piece of mind and safety. It has been a stain on the state compounding the disgrace of a General Assembly that had already systematically worked to disenfranchise Black voters and solidify power for those already seated in office.

Yesterday, as the legislature approached today’s deadline imposed by the NCAA to repeal HB2, newly elected Gov. Roy Cooper, Senate Leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore reached what they are calling a “compromise” repeal of HB2.

But let us be clear – this is no compromise. This is no repeal. This is HB2.0 and is perhaps more insidious in its targeting of LGBTQ – and particularly of trans and gender non-conforming – people. It is a backroom deal that shows no input from the community, that shows no leadership from lawmakers, that shows a callous disregard for the basic humanity of the trans and gender non-conforming people that call North Carolina home.

The bill does repeal HB2, but it just replaces it with prohibitions on local government entities (including cities, towns, schools) from extending legal protections to LGBT people until 2020 and bans on protections for transgender individuals in restrooms and other single-sex spaces forever.  The bill makes it illegal to protect people from discrimination. And worse still, it does so under a claimed interest in protecting “bathroom safety and privacy.”

No matter how many times these lies are restated, they will never be true. Letting trans people use the restroom as we must and have always done harms no one. Our bodies do not make others unsafe. We do not infringe on the privacy rights of others by existing in the world.

Being unfamiliar or uncomfortable with us does not translate into a right to expel us from society. And make no mistake, that is once again, what HB2.0 does. This is another iteration of the same – and worse because it shuts down the momentum from the past year of work against HB2. It derails the litigation, the organizing, and the public perception of what is happening.

Already in 2017, at least 8 trans women of color have been murdered. Trans young people and their families are reeling from the loss of support from the federal government. Trans people are forced to listen to people tell us we are unworthy of safety, of peace, of comfort, of simply surviving.

This is no time to play politics with our lives. This is a time to be bold in the defense of justice.

Shame on you, Roy Cooper, and everyone in the North Carolina General Assembly pushing this dangerous and fake repeal. We will not be fooled. We will fight on.

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Jennifer Marshall

I want to rent a church bus and fill it with trans family we ll go to each representative's church services and use only the legal bathroom while forming a long line. See how many church grannies like bearded women in the potty with their precious daughters. How many wives like beautiful tannins in the John with their husbands. Asshats


Sorry, HB2 was a correct response to that terrible Charlotte local ordinance. A)it failed to legally define what's constitutes a Trans person. Literally anyone could claim Trans and have access to bathrooms and showers unmitigated. B)it expanded Trans rights by taking away the rights of others. Sorry, I or any person should have the right to set bathroom policies of their establishment without being sued and bullied. Parents should have the right to at minimum be notified that as you stated Trans with beards showering with their daughters and allowed to remove their kids from that. I feel sorry for Trans...this is how far people are willing to go to be accepted as something they arent.

Danielle McLean

@Anonymous, you're honestly disgusting. You haven't lost any rights - you never HAD the right to discriminate. Trans women are women and trans men are men, and it's horrifying how far people are willing to go to oppress and harm them simply for existing as themselves.


@anonymous Your ignorance is showing as is your privilege. The fact that you think granting people rights comes at the cost of diminishing yours is wrong, stupid, and sad. Extending LGBT protections puts them on a level playing field to you and other heterosexual people. It allows them to have equal access to housing, jobs, etc. "Anyone can claim they're trans?" How simple can you be. You clearly have no idea what a gender is. I suggest that rather than live in your self serving bubble you read, meet people, expand your comfort zone. Only then will you realize that your statements and world view are not only harmful but also foolish.


Anonymous, you totally missed the point. The "bearded woman" in the girl's room that Jennifer referred to is actually a trans man -- born female, now transitioned to male. Your precious HB2 demands that *he* use the girl's room! Believe me, nothing about him will seem womanly. Get out there and actually meet some trans people and you might just start to get it, and you'll end up supporting trans rights.


By sheer chance I came back and saw the responses to my comment, where apparently showed how disgusting, ignorant and privileged I am. 2017 is already the year of snowflake buzzwords. How about a retort. The Charlotte ordinance expanded rights and creating a protected group or class without legally defining or setting parameters of who constitutes said group. Legally I would think that's necessary, otherwise the likes of Rachel Dolezal could sue for racial discrimination for merely identifying as black. Though not perfect nor ideal, HB2 at least legally set parameters as to what's Trans--get your birth certificate changed. You may call it a burden for Trans but it at least creates the necessary hurdle for non-trans who would seek to take advantage of the law. Secondly, HB2 gave legal protection for entities who have common sense beliefs about bathroom policies. Bathrooms are segregated based on bodily functioning, which since the beginning of time is along gender lines. No matter what age, it seems to be appropriate (as well as convenient) that if people are to have a public experience that infringes upon ones privacy in such an intimate way, do it with those of same bodily functions. Yes, there are added religious based arguments--no way should 11 year Olds be showering with people at schools who have different body parts. But this is what happens we we validate a mental disorder. This isn't about safety, because you may have a right to use that bathroom but you don't have a right to use it with me nor anyone. This is a fight for acceptance as equals and a normalization of dysphoria

Daniel Cacho

@Anonymous You have no conception of what constitutes gender. Do one's body parts determine whether one is male or female, or does one's brain activity determine one's gender. Based on your comments, you think that one's body puts determine gender. You can't be correct because, if a biologically born male loses his male body parts, say, in an industrial accident, is that biologically born male still a male? He wouldn't have his male body parts, so how can he still be a male based on your reasoning that body parts determine gender. That biologically born male would still be a male, even if he lost his male body parts, because his brain still functions as that of a male and every function of his brain tell shim he is a male.

Now in the case of transgendered people, their brain functions as that of the opposite sex. Everything about the functioning of their brain tells them that they are of the opposite sex. For a transgendered female (who was biologically born with a male body), her brain functions just like your and any other female's brain in that it identifies itself as a female and every function of her brain functions as that of a female. This is not a case of transgendered people "acting" as though they were the opposite sex; every fiber of their brain operates as that of the opposite sex. Now, it is very easy to believe that a brain can operate in a manner such that it renders one with a photographic memory. That is not how a brain normally operates, but it is unquestioned that a brain cn operate in such a manner. It is also without question that a brain can operate in a manner such that it renders one a genius, which is not how a brain normally operates, yet nobody questions such operation. It is also believable that a brain can operate in such a manner as it renders one autistic, yet also a mathematical savant. Nobody questions the believability of The Rainman, yet that is not how a brain normally functions. There are many different ways that the human brain operates that are different than the normal or usual way a brain operates and those different manners of brain operation go without question as to their believability. So, why is it so unbelievable or unusual to believe that a transgendered person's brain operates as that of the opposite sex? Yes, it is classified as a mental disorder as you noted, but that matters not if the brain is operating in such a manner as that of the opposite sex. An autistic brain is also a mental disorder, but what does that have to do with how we treat an autistic person. If you make a transgendered woman use the male restroom, the trauma that causes to that transgendered person is every bit the same as it would cause you if you were made to use the male restroom. That is because the transgendered woman's brain is operating as that of a woman and every fiber of her being tells her she is a woman. If that is how her brain is operating, how can she possibly considered a male? You say she's a male because of her male body parts, but I already addressed the flaw in that reasoning.

As for your sensibilities, every women's restroom I have ever seen have stalls to provide privacy among the women in the restroom. I've seen women's restroom at gay clubs throughout the U.S., as the guys use both restrooms since there usually aren't women in the club, or if there are women in the club, they share the use of the women's restroom with the guys and there is no loss of privacy because there are stalls in the women's restroom. So, I've seen restroom shared among women and men with no drama or threat to the women by the guys using the women's restroom. Now, imagine you have a transgendered woman who looks like some of the transgendered women who beautiful enough to work the most prestigious fashion runways allover he world. You want that transgendered woman using the men's restroom?!?! Or a transgendered male who is dressed like a man and may even have a beard, you want that transgendered male to use the women's restroom?!?! Your idea of who should use which restroom, not only treats transgendered people ewith disregard to their self identity, but will also cause more drama than letting the transgendered people use the restroom that matches their self-identity. You say you want to protect little girls from seeing things you don't think they should see, but you apparently ok with little girls seeing a person who looks very much like a man in the women's restroom and, also, little boys seeing a person who looks very much like a woman in the men's restroom. It seems to me that that is a recipe for nothing but drama compared to the transgendered women using the women's restroom and transgendered men usingthe men's restroom., I don't understand you lack of comfort in having transgendered women in the women's restroom given that you have the privacy of a stall when you are using the toilet. When you are out of the stall, how is being around a transgendered woman, say, at the sink washing your hands different than being around transgendered women out side of the restrroom. Given the design of women's s restrooms with stalls giving women privacy when they relieve themselves, you seem to be going out of your way to manufacture issues in being exposed to transgendered women outside of the stalls in a restroom, as all transgendered women will be doing in the same things outside the stalls in a woman's restroom that you do, lie wash their hands, freshen their make-up, tidy their hair, know, the really threatening behaviors that you should be mortified by. Now I better understand how prejudices against blacks could have thrived in the South for many generations, as it seems Southerners are inclined to think badly of any group of people who are different than they are. I just hope that you never experience the judgement that you inflict on transgendered people. People who have never brought any harm to you or your doorstep.
That's All.


At least rent the bus from the same people you plan to harass. They deserve some kind of compensation for disrupting they're service.

Jennifer Marshall

I want to rent a church bus and fill it with trans family we ll go to each representative's church services and use only the legal bathroom while forming a long line. See how many church grannies like bearded women in the potty with their precious daughters. How many wives like beautiful trannies in the John with their husbands. Asshats


Awesome idea. I hope you can make it happen. Maybe stand in line to use the "correct" restrooms at the state legislators' office building and give them a taste of their own medicine as well. They WILL get their comeuppance one day. Unfortunately not before the conditions that trans folk are made to live under become even more hellish than what we've had to endure already. If I could ride that bus with you I'd do it in a heartbeat. BTW, I'd still like to know how they plan to enforce this...Checking ID and seeing if genitalia matches before ANYone us allowed to enter a restroom? Maybe that will be part of all the new jobs DT gas promised to create. Potty Police. Now hiring.


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