The NSA Surveillance Order, Explained by the ACLU

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order released yesterday by The Guardian reveals that the U.S. government is regularly tracking the phone calls of potentially millions of Americans.

ACLU attorneys have been monitoring the U.S. government’s use of the Patriot Act for years, and this document confirms our biggest fears. Have a look at the notes we’ve made on the court order to see how we understand what it says about the powers the government claims. (Just click on the document below and hover on the red dots to see our comments. This embed will serve content from

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Alvin C. McCuistion

Did Judge Vinson actually sign the order to Verizon at 2:26 (2:26 AM)? What was he doing up at that time of the morning. It's beyond belief that this is a legitimate order.
Thank you for all your rebuttals to the talking points. What is being done here by the court is just dreadful.

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