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Priscilla Doe v. A Nebraska Restaurant

Last Update: November 13, 2003

What's at Stake

Priscilla Doe (not her real name) was fired from her job as a hostess at a small restaurant in rural Nebraska because her employer learned that she is HIV positive.

Priscilla Doe v. A Nebraska Restaurant Case Profile

Due to discrimination on the job and extreme prejudice in the local community, the plaintiff’s identity has been protected in the media and court documents.

After working for a year in the restaurant, Priscilla’s boss cut her shifts and later told her not to return to work. Her suspicion for the reason of the termination was confirmed when Priscilla learned that the boss told a co-worker that she was fired because she’s HIV positive. In 2003, the ACLU filed a lawsuit on her behalf, as state law prohibits discrimination on the basis of HIV status. Priscilla’s story was highlighted in a national public education campaign by the ACLU and has helped raise awareness of the types of unchecked discrimination that HIV positive people face, especially in employment.


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