Government Documents Released Under House v. Napolitano Settlement

In a May 2013 settlement reached with human rights activist David House, the government agreed to destroy all data it obtained from his laptop and other electronics when he entered the U.S. after a vacation. House, who was then working with the Bradley Manning Support Network, an organization created to raise funds for the legal defense of the soldier who has admitted to leaking material to WikiLeaks, charged in an ACLU lawsuit that the seizure violated his Fourth Amendment rights by subjecting him to unreasonable search and seizure, and violated his First Amendment right to freedom of association.

In the settlement, the government also agreed to hand over documents including reports describing Army CID's inspection of House's data, the DHS "Lookout" telling agents to stop House as he entered the country, and reports on DHS agents' questioning of House, which included inquiries about whether he knew anything about Manning giving classified information to WikiLeaks. All of the documents released are below.

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TECS Lookout for David House
Army Criminal Investigative Division - Digital Forensic Examination Notes
Army Criminal Investigative Division - Summary of Activity
Chain of Custody Index
Department of Homeland Security Letter Requesting Investigative Assistance from Army Criminal Investigative Divsion
Report of Investigation 1
Report of Investigation 14
Report of Investigation 23
Report of Investigation 24
Report of Investigation 27
Report of Investigation 28


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