IRS Response to Warrantless Electronic Communications FOIA Request


(For analysis, read: New Documents Suggest IRS Reads Emails Without a Warrant)




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11/07/2012 Manual Transmittal Re: IRM 9.4.1 Revision to Internal Revenue Manual 9.4.1, Investigation Initiation. IRS-ACLU 1 IRS-ACLU 22
03/04/2009 Manual Transmittal Re: IRM 9.4.6 Revision to Internal Revenue Manual 9.4.6, Surveillance and Non-Consensual Monitoring. IRS-ACLU 23 IRS-ACLU 66
03/17/2011 Manual Transmittal Re: IRM 9.4.9 Revision to Internal Revenue Manual 9.4.9, Investigative Techniques, Search Warrants, Evidence, and Chain of Custody. IRS-ACLU 67 IRS-ACLU 100
03/26/2012 Memorandum for Special Agents in Charge re: ELSUR Checks Memorandum regarding electronic surveillance (ELSUR) checks and requests. IRS-ACLU 101 IRS-ACLU 103
Undated Memorandum for James D. Robnett, Associate Director Office of Investigative Techniques Memorandum regarding a specific ELSUR check. IRS-ACLU 104 IRS-ACLU 105
2008 Continuing Professional Education Notice Document regarding Internet Surveillance & Tracking Electronic Data Continuing Professional Education (CPE) presentation. IRS-ACLU 106 IRS-ACLU 106
2008 Internet Surveillance & Tracking Electronic Data CPE Presentation by IRS Criminal Investigation unit. IRS-ACLU 107 IRS-ACLU 140
10/12/2010 Memorandum for Special Agents in Charge Re: Investigation Process Approvals Memorandum conveys the most recent changes to the investigative process approvals and summarizes the existing processes. IRS-ACLU 141 IRS-ACLU 142
10/01/2010 Investigation Process Approvals Partially redacted document outlines procedures for non-consensual electronic monitoring. IRS-ACLU 143 IRS-ACLU 151
10/2008 Request for Stored Electronic Communication/Transactional Information/Subscriber Information (IRM Blank form. IRS-ACLU 152 IRS-ACLU 153
01/10/2011 - 01/11/2011 Email exchange Re: US v. Warshak Email exchange between employees of Criminal Investigation unit and Criminal Tax Division. IRS-ACLU 154 IRS-ACLU 154
08/07/2008 Manual Transmittal Re: CCDM 38.1.1 Revision to CCDM 38.1.1, Assistance to Criminal Investigation during Investigatory Stage; Prereferral Assistance, Visitations and Investigative Tools. IRS-ACLU 155 IRS-ACLU 170
12/1994 Surveillance Handbook This handbook has been prepared by the Internal Revenue Service, Office of Chief Counsel, Criminal Tax Division, to assist Counsel attorneys who may have questions regarding the various methods of surveillance and the permissible uses of the evidence derived therefrom. IRS-ACLU 171 IRS-ACLU 192
2010 IRS Office of Chief Counsel: Search Warrants Presentation by Division Counsel & Associate Chief Counsel (Criminal Tax) regarding search warrants and related issues. IRS-ACLU 193 IRS-ACLU 201
2009 Search Warrant Handbook Excerpt of handbook providing overview of law governing search warrants. IRS-ACLU 202 IRS-ACLU 212
Undated Law of Undercover Presentation by Special Counsel (Criminal Tax). IRS-ACLU 213 IRS-ACLU 221
Undated Special Investigative Techniques (SIT) Briefcase Partially redacted document offers agents guidance on how to initiate, maintain, and terminate non-consensual monitoring and electronic surveillance. IRS-ACLU 222 IRS-ACLU 247


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