Poster for "The Fight," drawing depicting four ACLU lawyers alongside film title.
Poster for "The Fight," drawing depicting four ACLU lawyers alongside film title.
We can all become heroes in our own lives, in our own ways. In honor of 100 years of the ACLU, commit to 10 actions that take 10 minutes each to join THE FIGHT.
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July 27, 2020
We can all become heroes in our own lives, in our own ways. In honor of 100 years of the ACLU, commit to 10 actions that take 10 minutes each to join THE FIGHT.

THE FIGHT is an inspiring, emotional tribute to the courtroom heroes defending our civil liberties. The film is more than an insider look at some of the most important legal battles of our time; above all, it shows us that we can all take a stand against injustice. We can all become heroes in our own lives, in our own ways. In honor of 100 years of the ACLU, commit to 10 actions that take 10 minutes or less to join THE FIGHT.

1. We are facing an unprecedented health crisis as COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world. While the pandemic shouldn’t be a political issue, with ongoing federal primaries and the general election quickly approaching, the coronavirus is also impacting our politics. We need to protect not only our health, but our civil liberties as well — including the fundamental right to vote.

For many, the safest way to vote while safeguarding your health during this time will be to vote by mail or to early vote. Look up your state with the ACLU’s Vote By Mail Campaign to learn how to apply for an absentee ballot, important deadlines, and voting practices for your area. Already applied? Reach out to three friends and ask if they’re registered to vote by mail. If they’re not, walk them through it.

2. Now that you’re prepared to vote safely, take action to ensure that everyone around the country has that right too. Congress must address COVID-19’s impact on the 2020 elections by ensuring everyone can vote by mail and expanding early voting — to safeguard our health and our democracy. Visit this page to send a message to Congress and urge them to pass legislation that would require all states to provide vote at home and early vote options during a public health emergency.

3. This June, the Supreme Court ruled that under current federal law, LGBTQ+ people cannot be fired from their jobs just because of sexual orientation or gender identity. This ruling is historic, but there are still critical gaps that must be addressed. The Senate must follow the House of Representatives in passing the Equality Act — and build upon the momentum of the Supreme Court’s ruling. Send a message to your U.S. senators here, urging them to support the Equality Act.

4. THE FIGHT shows us how the lawyers of the ACLU took a stand in key cases. Wondering whether your elected official voted in line with the ACLU’s positions in recent years? Visit the ACLU’s Legislative Scorecard to find your member of Congress’ record during the 116th Congress, and previous sessions. Know your member of Congress’ position on key issues. The accountability of your elected officials has never been more important, so take 10 minutes to read up on your Congressperson and see where they stand.

5. COVID-19 has highlighted the lack of resources allocated to many communities in the United States. Currently, tens of millions of immigrants — including some green card holders, DACA recipients, TPS holders, and undocumented people — are being denied access to COVID-related testing and treatment. Public health experts agree: We need universal access to testing and treatment to stop the spread of this virus. Send a message to your U.S. senators and tell them to make COVID-related testing and treatment available under emergency Medicaid and provide cash assistance to everyone who files taxes, and tell Trump and all state governors to free people detained in immigration jails during this pandemic.

6. The importance of the census is highlighted in THE FIGHT, as the ACLU goes to court to block the inclusion of a citizenship question that would threaten the safety of millions of immigrants. The federal government uses census numbers to allocate more than $675 billion in federal funds for community programs and services; Congress uses the data to determine how many seats your state will have in the House of Representatives. Visit to fill out this year’s census, providing information that will lead to funding, grants, and Congressional seat allocation for your area.

7. The essential calls for justice on behalf of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and all Black lives have made it clearer than ever: The policing institutions in our country are rooted in systemic racism and violence. We cannot allow it to continue. Join Black Lives Matter and its millions of advocates by demanding real transformation — call upon your cities and states to immediately divest from the police and reinvest in the Black and Brown communities they unjustly target. Sign Black Lives Matter’s petition here to add your name to this movement, and learn about the ACLU’s commitment to support BIPOC led initiatives.

8. The film follows one Jane Doe’s fight to access reproductive health care in government custody. Reproductive rights remain under attack and the struggle for gender equal medical care is ongoing — as further illustrated in the Supreme Court’s most recent ruling in Trump v. Pennsylvania. Today you can take action toward health justice by urging Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act, which is legislation to provide a nationwide safeguard against abortion bans and medically unnecessary restrictions that push abortion care out of reach.

9. Now that you’ve taken action to ensure you’re ready for the 2020 election, lend 10 minutes to helping other people learn how to vote, educate themselves, and get involved: Sign up to volunteer with People Power, the ACLU’s platform for grassroots action. You can volunteer by making calls, sending texts, or translating materials into Spanish — for as little or as much time as you’re able. Sign up here.

10. Fighting for the issues you believe in doesn’t have to happen in a courtroom; it can happen at the dinner table, in a classroom, or even in line at the grocery store. Pledge to start an important conversation with a friend, a family member, or a colleague, and talk about the issues that matter to you.


Did we miss something in this list? Use the hashtag #thisishowifight to share how you take action, and add your voice to the conversation. You can also use the film’s social media toolkit to help spread the word, and motivate others to join THE FIGHT.

Poster for The Fight film trailer
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