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"The ACLU Stood Up for Me"

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December 21, 2009

When Savana Redding was 13, she was strip-searched at her middle school after a classmate falsely accused her of possessing ibuprofen. The ACLU represented Savana before the Supreme Court, and this summer the Court ruled in her favor and set down new limits on strip-searches in public schools.

In a message today to the ACLU online community Savana talks about what it meant for our organization to offer its assistance:

Lawyers from the ACLU worked on my case for over a year and they never asked me for a dime in attorney’s fees. How was that possible? Because of friends and supporters like you.

The ACLU was able to take my case to the Supreme Court because they were standing up for important principles. And support like yours is absolutely essential in order to ensure the right of people like me to have their day in court, no matter how much money they have or how important or unimportant they may be.

We were proud to stand up for Savana and defend the right to privacy. And it’s a testament to all of the ACLU’s members and supporters that Savana got her day in Court — and won.

Make sure we can always stand up for clients like Savana by sending a gift to the ACLU today.

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