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A Chorus of Voices Urging Closure of Gitmo Grows Louder

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July 15, 2007

Today, Gabe Rottman at FindHabeas blogged about the movement to close Guantanamo.

As Congress goes forward in closing Gitmo, which it almost certainly will in one form or another, it cannot allow the Gates position to win the day-we cannot just close Gitmo and deny our enemies the applause line without fixing the underlying detainee policies. We cannot allow illegal, indefinite detention to quietly go underground (perhaps quite literally).

Nine senators joined the Close Gitmo chorus last Thursday when they filed an amendment to the Department of Defense authorization bill that would close the naval base. Finally the public will have a chance to see Congress debate and vote on the closure of Gitmo, dubbed a “national disgrace” by The New York Times: an opinion not wholly unheard of on Capitol Hill.