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March 24, 2008

Over a year go the ACLU contacted me to do a series of comic strips on Civil Liberty issues. The success of those strips led to the creation of Civil Discourse, an entirely new bi-weekly comic strip that launches today, available exclusively on the StandUp website.

In the first comic, I address the real-life ACLU case of a paranoid Principal keeping the high school yearbook safe from a dangerous photograph. You see, a 17-year-old submitted a picture of himself wearing medieval garb and holding a prop sword. Very threatening. I’d put it up there with rap music.

What’s with this whole asserting your individuality thing kids are so into? They need to sit down, shut up, and enjoy their abstinence only education!

Expect the topics covered in Civil Discourse to run the gamut from the important to the absurd. I’ll be addressing the legal limbo in Guantanamo Bay, Racial Justice, Privacy Rights, and crucial national security issues like The War on Christmas.
And of course, I’ll be checking in on our government’s endless effort to keep our shores safe from evil doers that do evil. They’ve been cracking down in two key areas: booting gays out of the military (who needs ’em?) and keeping our skies safe from people who wear Arabic language T-shirts (foreign words hate freedom).

Matt Bors is a nationally syndicated cartoonist with United Feature Syndicate who lives in Portland, Ore. His editorial cartoons appear in papers across the country including The Village Voice, the Cleveland Free Times, and The Los Angeles Times.