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Fight for Civil Liberites and Pay for School

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October 31, 2008

Are you a high school senior, preparing to graduate and attend college? Are you passionate about protecting your civil liberties and promoting equality? Do you believe in supporting democracy and preserving your individual rights, guaranteed by the Constitution? Well, then we have an opportunity for you!

The ACLU’s Youth Scholarship Program is a great way for young civil libertarians to show off their stuff and pay for school at the same time. The ACLU will pick 16 individuals from across the U.S. to receive a college scholarship for $12,500. Plus, winners will attend two Youth Activist Leadership trainings in NYC and Washington D.C., where they will meet other members, lawyers, and staff of the ACLU who work diligently in promoting and protecting our civil liberties.

What makes a student activist? Just look at things you do in your everyday life! How do you express your commitment to protecting the rights of all Americans? Do you fight for your First Amendment rights, promote the rights of LGBT, speak out against civil liberties violations, or promote awareness of our rights through education?

If this sounds like you, contact your local ACLU affiliate to apply! You’d better hurry; many affiliates stop taking applications in mid-November!

More scholarship information can be found at StandUp!, ACLU’s Youth website.

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