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Khadr Interrogation Video Is Made Public

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July 15, 2008

Early this morning, video footage of Guant&#225namo detainee Omar Khadr’s interrogation by a Canadian agent was made public. ACLU attorney Jamil Dakwar, who has attended Khadr’s hearings at Guant&#225namo as a human rights observer, says:

This is the first visual glimpse into the Bush administration’s lawless detention policies at Guant&#225namo and it is quite disturbing. Unfortunately, it took a Canadian court to reveal the truth about the Bush administration’s shameful detention practices. Like many other detainees at Guant&#225namo, Omar Khadr is facing an unfair trial in a tainted system that allows hearsay, secret evidence and coerced evidence obtained through torture. This is not justice. It is time to shut down Guant&#225namo and end this sad chapter in American history.

Jamil recently wrote about the “frequent-flyer” sleep deprivation program that Khadr’s been subjected to at Guant&#225namo, according to Canada’s CBC.

UPDATE: Watch Jamil discuss the Khadr video on Russia Today.

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