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Not Solitary Confinement: They're "Single-Occupancy Cells"

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April 29, 2008

Saturday’s New York Times reported on one of the less-covered issues surrounding Guantanamo: the fact that the infamous prison has become a ‘breeding ground for madness’ due to extreme conditions of confinement. In response to this charge, a military spokeswoman said that Guantanamo does not have solitary confinement, only ‘single-occupancy cells.’No joke.Deficient care for the mentally ill was also the subject of hearing yesterday in Michigan, where the ACLU argued that Michigan prisons not meet constitutional standards for medical and mental health care. This problem came to light after a 21-year-old mentally ill prisoner died after being left unattended for four days in full, four-point restraints. The ACLU argued that case, Hadix v. Caruso, in district court yesterday.CORRECTION: The previous version of this post misidentified the date of the New York Times article. The article was from Saturday, not Monday.

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