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Time's Running Out! Submit Comments to Rescind Health Care Denial Rule

Lorraine Kenny,
Associate Director for Communications/Marketing
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April 7, 2009

What are you waiting for?

If you haven’t already, be sure to submit your comments supporting President Obama’s proposed rescission of the Heath Care Denial Rule by Thursday, April 9. The rule, finalized in the waning hours of the Bush administration, severely limits access to medical care and information by allowing heath care providers to deny care to anyone who needs services the provider objects to.

Now, we at the ACLU are all about protecting religious freedom. But that isn’t what this rule is about. This rule doesn’t just apply to protect individual religious belief. It allows corporations like insurance companies and hospitals to deny patients care. Individuals’ religious beliefs are already protected by a federal law that carefully balances religious liberty with the need for patients to access health care. But this Bush rule takes patients’ needs completely out of the equation.

Which is why it’s essential that those of us who support access to heath care for all—whether it’s the morning-after pill for a rape victim or an HIV test for a college student—submit comments to support the rescission of this rule.

President Obama needs our support. When President Bush first proposed the rule back in August, more than 200,000 comments were submitted, most of them in opposition to the rule. We need to show President Obama that we support his actions to protect our access to health care.

So give the administration the backing it needs and submit a comment. Add your name to the growing list of people and organizations calling on the Obama administration to restore access to health care. Take action now.

(Cross-posted to Feministing and Daily Kos.)

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