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A Dream for Mississippi

Shawna Davie,
ACLU of Mississippi
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January 25, 2007
The World We Want

The World We Want is a world where women are afforded every human right.

The World We Want is a world of dignity and respect

Not one of neglect, with no respect for freedom.

The World We Want is a world where women make decisions about their bodies supported by their communities,

Rather than having to fight off laws that take away their humanity.

The World we want is one that believes in comprehensive reproductive health education, liberty over ones own body, reproductive justice, and safe, affordable access to healthcare for all.

The Mississippi we want is one that truly believes in Freedom. Freedom to believe what every individual has made up in his or her mind and heart to believe. The Mississippi we want respects each person’s right to govern and rule over his or her body. The Mississippi we want allows women to take responsibility for their own sexual health by making contraceptives including condoms, birth control, and emergency contraception accessible and available. The Mississippi we want is not stuck receiving government funds with strings attached for education because her citizens are so interested in truth for teens that they raise private funds. The Mississippi we want provide our youth with medically accurate information about their reproductive health. The Mississippi we want is a state where women who need access to reproductive healthcare have the transportation, the finances, and paid days off to receive the services. The Mississippi we want is free from sexual assault, incest, and molestation. The Mississippi we want is supportive of women throughout all of their lives. The Mississippi we want has a low infant mortality rate, a low teen pregnancy rate, low STD rates, and has forgotten about syphilis. The Mississippi we want ensures that women have safe accessible and affordable forms of reproductive healthcare regardless of one’s race, class, ability, age, religion, privilege, nationality, or ancestry. The Mississippi we want does not attack its inhabitants with individual beliefs but accepts that all have the freedom to believe what they choose. The Mississippi we want believes that families have the right to choose.

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