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Fantastic win in Brevard County, Florida!

Rachel Hart,
Reproductive Freedom Project
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August 15, 2007

Last month I blogged about (last paragraph) a controversy in Brevard County, Florida, over the school district’s sex ed curriculum. The local school board was divided over what exactly students should learn when it comes to contraceptives. According to an article in Florida Today, the district’s current curriculum “gives contraceptive information only in the context of a ‘failed approach’ and does not include discussion about condoms or birth control ‘except through student initiated questions.’ ” In a stunning vote last night, the Brevard County School Board approved the Superintendent’s recommendation that information on contraceptives should be added to the middle and high school sex ed curriculum. Abstinence will still be stressed in accordance with Florida law, but teens in Brevard will now also have information on how to protect against pregnancy and STDs unless their parents opt them out of the class.