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Kansas board of education approves sex ed policy

Rachel Hart,
Reproductive Freedom Project
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June 15, 2006

AP reports that the Kansas state board of education has approved a new sex ed policy.

The policy passed Wednesday says each local school district should offer a complete course of abstinence until marriage. It also says districts shall teach students about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.

This doesn't sound promising if contraception and stds will be taught within the curriculum of ab-only-until-marriage programs. We already know that in addition to only teaching contraceptive failure rates, many of these programs vastly understate the effectiveness of condoms at protecting against stds and pregnancy.

And what does a focus on failure rates coupled with misinformation do? Teens who go through these programs are given the false impression that there is little point in using condoms when they become sexually active and they are less likely to get tested for stds when they start having sex.

Good luck Kansas.

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