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Morning Round-Up: HPV

Rachel Hart,
Reproductive Freedom Project
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June 19, 2006

The Philadelphia Inquirer has an editorial supporting HPV vaccination and briefly touches on the issue of abstinence:

Some people object to making this vaccination mandatory, concerned that it would undermine parents’ authority, encourage sexual activity and downplay abstinence as a choice.

Although abstinence is the safest choice before marriage, public health policy should not ignore the fact that nearly every person engages in sexual activity at some point in life.

The Los Angeles Times also has a piece on the vaccine as does the Boston Globe which notes that:

Health officials worry that one obstacle in Gardasil’s public acceptance will be parents’ concern that vaccinating their daughters before they become sexually active will signal approval of pre-marital sex. To minimize this issue, health officials prefer to talk of Gardasil as a vaccine against cancer and not against HPV.