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Standing Up and Pushing Back Against Extreme Anti-Choice Laws

Sara Mullen,
ACLU of Pennsylvania
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April 8, 2011

After a long, but inspiring day in Washington D.C., our weary contingent slowly made its way back to our bus. While we waited for the stragglers, we traded stories. One of my fellow activists told us how her mom had her at the age of 17. Although her mom chose not to have an abortion, both she and her mom feel strongly that every woman should have the right to make that decision for herself.

It has been a privilege to spend the day among thousands of people who took an entire day or more out of their lives to show our representatives that we will not quietly stand by while they try to take away our ability to make our own decisions. As the speakers at the rally reminded us, attacks on women’s access to reproductive health care are nothing new. We’ve been here before, and now, like then, we are standing up and pushing back.