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Rachel Hart,
Reproductive Freedom Project
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March 21, 2007 features an op-ed today from the ACLU’s very own Julie Sternberg. Here’s a snippet:

Adolescence. We’ve all been there, and I would bet that most everyone remembers how awkward it can be. Hormones surge. Bodies transform. And suddenly there are a lot of questions about sex, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Teens often cobble together answers to these new and embarrassing questions, yet the information they come up with is often uniformed, ill-advised, or downright wrong.And so we, the adults, attempt to help teens navigate these tricky waters with instruction in school that provides truthful information, helping them make healthy choices and avoid the perils of unintended pregnancy and disease.The problem is somewhere along the way this system was hijacked by an ideological agenda, leaving teens to suffer the consequences.

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