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A Woman Knows Best

Maggie Crosby,
ACLU of Northern California
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January 24, 2007
The World We Want

Imagine a society that respects a woman’s ability to make choices about her health and her family. It seems so simple and yet so profound.

So simple, because we do in fact trust women to raise children, perform responsible jobs, and make most of society’s consumer decisions. Imagine, then if we extended that respect for a woman’s ability to her most intimate decisions — sexuality, childbearing, and family.

In that world, all women could freely decide whether to be sexually intimate, choose their partners and decide how many children to have and how to raise them. Each woman would have access to comprehensive reproductive health information and care, including birth control, abortion and prenatal care. Society would respect and support a woman’s decisions — not impose moral judgments and barriers. Society would cherish the lives of young women, and ensure that they receive the medically accurate sex education and reproductive care they need to protect their health and their futures.

In California, we and our coalition partners are committed to this vision of reproductive justice. Listen to diverse voices of women painting a picture of a society that recognizes that a woman knows what’s best for herself and her family.