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Listen and Learn: More Highlights from the Membership Conference

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June 9, 2008

Hopefully by now you’ve listened to Kal Penn and Alex Gibney‘s podcasts from the 2008 Membership Conference. Even more is on the way.

From Sunday, we’ve added podcasts by Salon blogger and author Glenn Greenwald and Adaora Udoji, co-host of the new WNYC program The Takeaway. Glenn talks about his switch from litigating to writing, FISA, the abuse of executive power, and the Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits the government from extending any benefits to same-sex couples. Adaora talks about the 2008 presidential race, covering Hurricane Katrina, and looking ahead to the next presidency.

Today was even more action-packed, with an array of notable ACLU clients, journalists and artists. Student activist Evie Farnsworth talks about her efforts to expand her local school board’s non-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity. School custodian Janet Caldero talks about her discrimination case against the New York City Board of Education.

In his podcast, Levon “Bo” Jones talks about his exoneration after being on death row for 14 years. And Peter Gilbert, director of At the Death House Door, talks about the film’s subject, Reverend Carroll Pickett, who presided over 90 executions as the death row chaplain in Texas’s Huntsville prison. Watch this blog for a podcast with Rev. Pickett tomorrow.