Reunite. Repair. Reform.

A blue collage image of a "Reunite Families Now" protest sign, a parent holding their child, and naturalization papers.

Reunite. Repair. Reform.

Reuniting and Providing Relief to Families Torn Apart by Family Separation


The Trump administration’s family separation practice tore approximately 5,500 children from their families arriving at the border. Years later, thousands of families have been reunited, but the harms this policy inflicted are still being felt. The Biden administration has an obligation to find and reunite every single one of these families in the United States. These families also deserve citizenship, resources, care, and a commitment that family separation will never happen again.


Please sign our petition and urge the Biden administration to take action now.

Last updated on June 14, 2021

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Reunite Separated Families

Someone holds an ACLU sign that reads "Families Belong Together"
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During the Trump administration, the government cruelly engaged in the systematic separation of over 5,500 migrant families coming to the United States. Thousands of families have been reunited as a result of ACLU litigation and grassroots help. However, families remain separated to this day. Our latest report shows the parents of hundreds of children have still not been found – and the irreparable trauma inflicted upon all the families is everlasting.


The work to undo this damage must be an urgent priority for the Biden administration and a task force on family separation is just the start. Please sign this petition to urge Biden administration to take more action now.

Timeline of Family Separation