Family of Mark Fernandes McMullen organizes Thursday rally for justice and inquest into his death

September 27, 2012 10:04 am

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BOSTON — On Thursday, Sept. 27, the family of police shooting victim Mark Fernandes McMullen will observe the first anniversary of his death by holding a rally calling for justice and an inquest into his death.

On September 7, 2011, McMullen was shot and killed by Boston police who had chased his car to Rockland in Plymouth County. Evidence suggests that McMullen’s vehicle had already been stopped, he had no weapon, and that the many officers at the scene were not in danger. After a closed investigation by state troopers connected to the Plymouth District Attorney’s office, the DA released a statement finding no wrongdoing–a finding that was contrary to the facts as reported by the press and by witnesses. To date, the family’s legal representatives have not been provided key evidence including reports, photos and personal effects.

“Mark was central to our family–we love and miss him,” said his sister Karen McMullen. “He was a loving, non-violent guy. He didn’t deserve to be gunned down this way. We want the truth and accountability.”

WHAT: Rally for justice for Mark Fernandes McMullen and all victims of police abuse
WHERE: Mass. State House steps, Beacon Hill (Beacon Street & Park Street), Boston
WHEN: 1pm Thursday, September 27, 2012
WHO: Why Was Mark Shot Coalition and supporters

Plymouth County D.A Timothy Cruz’s explanation of the shooting doesn’t hold water,” said Robin Scott, the family’s attorney. “If the officer was being run down when he fired, how is it that the shots did not come in front of the driver? The windshield is intact–the driver’s side and rear windows are blown out. We don’t have the complete picture because the State Police thus far haven’t given us the investigation reports or the photographs.”

“A year ago the ACLU of Massachusetts, along with other civil rights and racial justice groups, called on Attorney General Martha Coakley to convene an independent inquest into the killing of Mark McMullen. We repeat that call today,” said Nancy Murray, education director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, one of the supporters of the Coalition. An inquest is an independent investigation conducted by a judge, with witnesses being called to testify under oath–a stark contrast to internal police investigations of their fellow officers.

“We cannot rest until we find the answer and justice for those killed by the Boston police in our community,” said Bishop Felipe Teixeira, of the Diocese of Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the community supporters of the Coalition.

The event’s speakers include:
* Representatives of the Fernandes/McMullen family;
* Robin Scott, legal representative for the family;
* Nancy Murray, American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts;
* Bishop Felipe Teixeira, Diocese of Saint Francis of Assisi, Brockton, Mass.;
* Brigitt Keller, National Police Accountability Project;
* Jamarhl Crawford, Blackstonian;
* Les Paultre, When It’s Real It’s Forever (father of fiancé of Sean Bell, killed by the NYPD);
* Carltone Williams, Esq., National Lawyers Guild;
* Josh Raisler Cohn, Esq., Board member, Mass. Chapter, National Lawyers Guild;
* Frank Neisser, International Action Center of Boston; and
* King Downing, Esq., Human Rights-Racial Justice Center.

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