June 4, 2019

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives passed the Dream and American Promise Act, H.R. 6, today to protect Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) beneficiaries from deportation.

The legislation affects more than two million immigrants, and is the first standalone bill granting a pathway to citizenship to pass a chamber of Congress since 2010.

Lorella Praeli, deputy political director at the ACLU, had the following response:

“This vote is a historic victory in the fight for immigrant communities. The ACLU stands with the undocumented activists, and all those whose lives have been thrown into uncertainty by the Trump administration, in our celebration today.

“With this important win, we continue to hold and look toward the work ahead. The ACLU will continue to urge Congress to strengthen due process, reduce racial disparities, and end the disproportionately harsh consequences of criminal convictions in any future immigration legislation.

“Today, the passage of H.R. 6 is wind at our backs, and we continue believe that true justice for immigrants is possible.”

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