Nov 28, 2023
Plaintiffs in Georgia Redistricting Lawsuit Offer Remedial State Legislative Maps
General Assembly’s New State Senate Map Proposal Likely Violates Court’s Order
Issue Areas: Voting Rights
Nov 27, 2023
ACLU Urges Congress to Oppose Attempt to Sneak Section 702 Reauthorization into “Must-Pass” Defense Spending Bill
ACLU vows to oppose the NDAA and score the vote if Section 702 reauthorization is included
Issue Areas: National Security
Nov 27, 2023
ACLU and Digital Rights Groups Support Nonprofit in Lawsuit Over Its Reports Critical of Content on X
SAN FRANCISCO — The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Northern California, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia Univ...
Nov 21, 2023
Federal Court Rules Pennsylvania Mail Ballots Without a Handwritten Date On the Outer Envelope Must be Counted
PITTSBURGH — A federal court in western Pennsylvania ruled today that voters who submit mail ballots in time to be counted in an election — but who mistakenly forget to handwri...
Issue Areas: Voting Rights
Nov 20, 2023
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Radical Ruling in Arkansas Redistricting Case
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld a 2022 lower court ruling in an Arkansas redistricting case that radically concluded that voters may not sue ...
Issue Areas: Voting Rights
Nov 16, 2023
Pennsylvania School District Agrees to Pay $200,000 After Discriminatory Decision to Block After School Satan Club From School Facilities
HELLERTOWN, Pa. — In a victory for free speech and religious liberty, The Satanic Temple, Inc. (TST) has reached a settlement with the Saucon Valley School District in a lawsuit ...
Issue Areas: Religious Liberty
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