Slamming the Courthouse Doors: Denial of Access to Justice and Remedy in America

Document Date: December 10, 2010

Slamming the Courthouse Doors shows how access to justice for victims of civil and human rights violations has been severely curbed over the last decade. Indigent defendants on death row, prisoners suffering abuses in prison, immigrants in unfair removal proceedings, torture victims, domestic violence survivors and victims of racial discrimination, among others, are consistently denied access to the courts and effective remedies as a result of recent laws and court decisions.

The report includes detailed recommendations and measures for the U.S. government to take in order to live up to the promise of equal justice for all and comply with international human rights obligations and commitments to guarantee access to justice and effective remedies. An annex to the report includes information on curtailing access to justice in over a dozen states.

Faces of Justice Denied

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