We are Americans, and Americans Don’t Give Up

Change in our communities takes courage. Many times, that courage does not come from the politicians, but from ordinary people standing up for what is right.

DREAMers continue to stand up for human and civil rights every day. We are standing up against anti-immigrant policies. We are standing up for education & integration. We are standing up for equality. Let the voices of our oppressed youth be heard in the courts, which is exactly what will be taking place. DREAMers have collaborated with the ACLU and a civil rights coalition to file a lawsuit against Brewer’s executive order denying driver’s license to deferred action applicants. But this is much more than a legal battle; the fight we fight today is a moral fight.

We will not tolerate any politician in power who treats DREAMers like second-class citizens; we will not allow any law that suggests any human being is inferior. We can’t allow Governor Brewer to continue harassing hard working American children and young individuals whose only fault is having a DREAM of success in the land of opportunity.

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The lawsuit challenging Jan Brewer’s discrimination is an instantaneous image of human rights legal battles challenged in our U.S. history. To me, it means that we are still fighting for basic rights and human equality, but with a new set of people. It’s no kidding that history repeats itself, although this time the oppressor has focused on punishing our vulnerable youth.

This battle is about the principle of fundamental fairness that all men and women are created equal. This will be known in U.S. history as the 21st century civil rights battle. And I trust that we shall see justice for our young immigrants living in Arizona.

I know that the American justice system is the best in the world and I am happy to be experiencing it at this time. To me, this means that even our elected officials are “checked and balanced” in their decision-making, or in other words, corrected.

Our oppressor will not give us our freedom willingly. It is our duty to fight and win. We are hungry for justice and we will continue with our efforts until we win. Please stand with me in defeating politicians who vilify our youth.

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Screw em- They're criminals for crossing our borders illegally. Line the ICE agents and military on the border and shoot to kill anyone who tries to cross illegally. You are the AMERICAN civil liberties union. Not the Foreigners Civil liberties union. Stop wasting our tax dollars on court cases that have no merit.


You said that your fighting for fairness in America.........A driver license is not a right or something that you get when you want it......You have to be a American in the state to get the thing....DO your homework.....Demanding something for nothing is not going to get you anything ...But a big belly laugh at your actions. SINCE WHEN IS IT A RIGHT FOR A iLLEGAL TO GET ANYTHING........YOU ARE NOT A AMERICAN ...YOU ARE A ILLEGAL ALIEN......GET OVER YOURSELF.......Cause we have gotten over you .......You have the right to leave or apply to be in the USA the right way....Getting a deferral is not your personnel ticket to becomeing a American.....Alot of people do it the right way everyday......Thats why there is a immagration laws on the books ...They are not broken....The law works like it is meant to be.


Dulce: Keep fighting and ignore these anonymous rants... Dr. Cintli

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