No End in Sight: Immigrants Locked Up for Years Without Hearings

Today, the ACLU argued in federal court on behalf of Alexander Alli, Elliot Grenade, and a proposed class of immigrants who are being detained in Pennsylvania jails for months, or even years, while their deportation cases are being decided.

The ACLU contends that these individuals are being locked up unlawfully and denied the most basic form of due process: a hearing over whether they need to be detained in the first place. Based on today’s argument, the federal court in the Middle District of Pennsylvania will decide whether Alli and Grenade should receive individual hearings on whether their detention is necessary and whether the class action can go forward.

Unfortunately, as the government expands its enforcement efforts, and Congress authorizes more and more detention beds, larger numbers of immigrants are being locked up without the process that the Constitution requires.

Consequently, the ACLU is launching a web page, No End in Sight, with an issue brief, links to resources, and profiles of immigrants who have been detained for prolonged periods of time without meaningful review. Many immigrants, including many featured on the site, ultimately win a right to stay in the country based on, for example, their fear of persecution in their home countries or their ties to family and community here in the United States. Yet they are forced to spend months or years in detention, at great expense to taxpayers and great hardship to themselves and their families, in order to win their right to rights to home and safe haven.

Forcing people into this devil’s bargain violates the most basic freedoms that this country stands for. While the government should not release someone when they have a reason to detain them, everyone has a right to their day in court.

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American patriot

Yeah and it probably saved a lot of crime from happening too. Hopefully it's worth the lengthy stay and they get deported. Isn't that the law? Seems so wishy washy nowadays.


I don't get it - I really don't. I am a US Citizen, lucky enough to be born here. I know I am lucky and I would wish everyone could feel safe and secure in their home. I have nothing against legal immigration. We are and always should be a welcoming nation. I do however have issue with illegal immigration. The ACLU is so hyped on protecting people who have broken our laws. Why? Citizens of the US have died making our country what it is today and the ACLU seems bent on destroying it. The ACLU had a purpose, I won't deny that. The organization has done some good and probably continues to do some. But these off the wall crusades are voiding that.

Vic Livingston

PA is a ground zero for an American Gestapo. When will Gov. Ed Rendell wake up and realize HE'S in the cross-hairs, too?

Governor and staff, read this. Local police, thoroughly co-oped and compromised by their federal grants, know all about this:



I've seen "the face of fascism" in NY, IA and FL. Sadly, it seems that no one is listening and/or cares.

I can't say exactly who is behind it or involved, but it would seem that some in law enforcement -- some in our government -- are involved.

Property is vandalized, homes are surreptitiously entered, and individuals are under very tight, if not constant, surveillance. It's shameful and an outrage that this is not being investigated. Why isn't the ACLU helping?

Joy Hill

Those immigrants who are in the US illegally should have no rights. We are overrun with illegals and they are ruining our lifestyles, causing our property to go down. They should get a work permit if they want to come to the US and then go back and make Mexico better instead of dragging America down.


I am glad to see that others such as Am. Patriot, Linda, and Joy (mostly) concur with my view points. Can't asses Vic's or anon's points - not enough relevance here? Anyway, I support legal immigration, but cannot support the ACLU stance on illegal immigration of "amnesty now, deal with the consequences later". Keeping illegals in detention must looke better to them than deporation. Pick your fight, ACLU - I am sure that if the illegal wished to "go home until legally entering" versus stay in detention the govt. would oblige for those not having committed a felony.

Pam Floyd

I am so tired or the A.C.L.U. standing up for everything that is the wrong side to be fighting for.The word ILLEGAL,means just that.If you are illegal in this country, you do not have any rights.The people that are legal in this country ,are losing more rights every day ,while Illegals are gaining rights.Unless you are a legal American ,The "American"Civil Liberty Union should not even be involved. Get it,the word AMERICAN means just that!


Joy, do you feel the same way about the illegal aliens who are not brown? The hard-working illegals from Ireland, for example?

Can you provide non-anecdotal that we are overrun, our lifestyles are ruined, or our properly values are going down by illegal aliens?

t, I don't read every article on this site and ask you to help me find references to the ACLU's stance of “amnesty now, deal with the consequences later”. From what I have read, their goal is protect the rights, established by our Constitution and laws, for everyone in this country, citizen or not.


I agree with Pam Floyd! ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. Why does the ACLU promote illegal activities? ACLU really stands for Anti-American Clueless Liberals of Ungodliness!

Christian Ameri...

ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL! Why is the ACLU promoting illegal activities? ACLU stands for Anti-Christian Liberals of Unlawfullness!

I posted this before but it was taken off why?


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