HIV/AIDS Discrimination

HIV/AIDS Discrimination

The ACLU AIDS Project uses impact litigation, public education and advocacy at the state and federal level to fight discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS.

If you've been mistreated or harassed based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status, the ACLU wants to hear about it
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Almost 30 years into the HIV epidemic, discrimination against people living with HIV persists. Basic misinformation about HIV, how it is transmitted, and what it means to live with HIV is at the root of much of this discrimination, and remains a justification for exclusions from both private and public sector employment opportunities and other areas of civic life.  Until people understand that HIV does not categorically prevent anyone from doing a job, raising children, or accessing medical care, discrimination will persist.

The ACLU works to ensure that people with HIV are not denied the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of society because of stereotypes, prejudice or misinformation about HIV, and to ensure that HIV status is taken into account only when justified by a genuine medical necessity.


HIV and Your Civil Rights - Know Your Parenting Rights (PDF)

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An FAQ on HIV rights in the workplace.

ACLU Tells Federal Appeals Court that HIV Positive Health Care Workers Pose No Threat to Others (2005 press release)

ACLU Survey Reveals Massive Civil Rights Violations Against People With HIV/AIDS

The American Civil Liberties Union today released a survey, HIV & Civil Rights: A Report from the Frontlines of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic which details widespread civil rights violations throughout the U.S. against people with HIV/AIDS. The survey was compiled from interviews over the past two years with community-based AIDS service providers from across the country.

We continue to challenge government discrimination against people living with HIV. Learn more about our work to combat discrimination by federal agencies including the Transportation Security Administration and the State Department.

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