Most Americans with employer-based health insurance currently have coverage for abortion care. Unfortunately, politicians across the country have been busy trying to take away this coverage.

As a result of federal health care reform, states are starting to establish new insurance exchanges where individuals and small businesses can now buy health insurance. In several states, lawmakers are singling out abortion and prohibiting insurance companies from including abortion coverage in their policies. The trend is fast-moving and startling: More than 25 states restrict abortion coverage in plans offered through the insurance exchanges established by the Affordable Care Act, and 21 states restrict abortion coverage in insurance plans for public employees. Ten states restrict abortion coverage in all private insurance plans.

While alarming, this trend represents a renewed effort to deny women insurance coverage for abortion care. Several states already prevent insurance companies from offering abortion coverage. And for years, laws have severely curtailed coverage for people insured through state or federal programs, including low-income women, public employees, military families, Peace Corps volunteers, and Native Americans.

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